As requested by @kaitmaree, here's a long list of some animated films that I happen to absolutely adore in no real order.
  1. How To Train Your Dragon
    A boy and the dragon that made his life better. Because of friendship. The moment where Hiccup wakes up after the final battle with the piano score is one my favourite pieces, and was the same time I realised I'd love this movie forever.
  2. ParaNorman
    "There's nothing wrong with being scared Norman, so long as you don't let it change who you are." Aka that stop motion movie I studied frame-by-frame and cried about. Still annoyed the strongest moment in the score wasn't on the CD.
  3. Wall•E
    One of my favourite show-don't-tell films. Before HTTYD this was my life. Even CinemaSins praises this. Like come on, it's good.
  4. Treasure Planet
    I spent years hunting this down on DVD, and the day I got it I rewatched it three times in a row without being bored.
  5. Lilo & Stitch
    My childhood and probably one of the first "found family" type films I ever watched. Which probably explains my love for them.
  6. The Iron Giant
    Glad I somehow missed watching this as a kid because it would have destroyed me. Because it does. Every time.
  7. Meet the Robinsons
    Taught me a few good life lessons.
  8. The Powerpuff Girls Movie
    I had this as a week rental once and watched it probably twice, Every. Single. Day.
  9. Summer Wars
    My favourite Mamoru Hosoda film, with the Girl Who Lept Through Time being a close second. Never felt so stressed over the outcome of a card game in my life.
  10. Arthur Christmas
    Honestly mad I dismissed this movie originally. It's to creative and lovely. Also compares the generational gap between families and what can bring them together, which really hits home.
  11. Paprika
    Inception before Inception ever existed, and the movie that made me realise the potential of animation. As well as confuse the hell out of me. Though this one is also kinda creepy.
  12. Howl's Moving Castle
    The movie I share with my mum and just outright adore. Reading the book and realising it was completely different was an experience.
  13. Kung-Fu Panda 2
    The lighting, the story and the cinematography. Just. Wow. This movie was my go-to Kung Fu film. It also makes me cry.
  14. The Lego Movie
    One: Lego. Two: Believe. Three: Everything is Awesome.
  15. Kiki's Delivery Service
    This movie grows in importance every year, a coming-of-age story and it has MAGIC.
  16. Batman: Under the Red Hood
    Jason Todd. My feelings. The ending makes me teary every time.
  17. Tangled
    I had an obsession when this came out. Fairytale road trip combo of awesome.
  18. Rise of the Guardians
    The other movie I had a terrible obsession with when it came out. Changed my perception on animation a lot. Also it's gorgeous and one of the best 3D experiences I've ever had.
  19. Makoto Shinkai films
    I will admit not exactly into the story of his films, but the visuals. Holy moly the visuals.
  20. Ernest & Celestine
    Cutest watercolour looking film ever.
  21. The Fantastic Flying Book of Mr Morris Lessmore
    Short film about relationships with books. With the score being basically an emotional cover of Pop goes the Weasel. It won an award, just sayin'
  22. Inside Out
    All your emotions are valid and they're always trying to look out for you the best they can. Also I love studying how the mind works so really this movie is great.
  23. Fantasia
    Actual Favourite Film from when I was a kid. Watched the VHS until its death when a VCR ripped it apart.
  24. Pokemon movies 1-3
    Childhood again. First movie is ridiculously heavy-handed questions about existentialism and I love that. 2000 has Lugia's song which gives me chills to this day. And the 3rd powered my own imagination for a good while.
  25. Digimon Adventure / Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
    Aka two thirds of The Digimon Movie (which I have never watched). I rewatched these so many times over a month period. The first made me love Bolero and the whistle makes me emotional. Our War Game is basically Summer Wars with Digimon, same director too. Still love it,
  26. One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
    The only One Piece movie I've watched. Entertaining and horrifying all-in-one.
  27. Naruto: The Last Movie
    I don't really like Naruto. The earlier parts of the series sure, but the rest ehhh. Watched this in cinemas for the hell of it. Cheesy as heck, but I love how it was cut together.
  28. An Imaginary Life
    Tropfest film of tears.
  29. To the Forest of Firefly Lights
    Aka 'Hotarubi no mori e' and fairly short anime film. The story is cute and ultimately sad.
  30. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    Basically proving animated Batman understands Batman better than anything else.