Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

I'm Abzwit!
  1. My favorite television show is One Tree Hill! I have spent some time in Wilmington, NC (where they filmed) and have met some of the amazing cast members!
  2. I love Prince! Purple Rain is everything.
  3. I lived in London, England when I was 12/13 years old and I absolutely miss every second of it!
  4. My favorite food is cheese pizza. There's nothing like it!
  5. If I could be any person for a day, I'd choose to be Gwen Stefani. She's amazing and has been an idol of mine for a long time!
  6. My favorite Disney princess is Sleeping Beauty. I was always fond of her and her singing voice!
  7. My favorite sport is baseball and I'm particularly inspired by Derek Jeter. So happy I was able to see him play so many times (since I was a little girl) and watch him play in his last All Star Game! He is a true class act!
  8. I am an avid French learner/speaker. I have taken 4 years of French and have always thought it would fun to teach to students!
  9. My celebrity crush is Adam Levine! He's so lovable.
  10. My dream job has always been to be a singer. There is nothing like the feeling of being on stage and doing something that means so much to someone else! My biggest crowd has been on stages in front of hundreds of people and I would do it again night after night!
  11. My favorite color is pink!
  12. Justin Timberlake is squad goals! He is my absolute favorite. Such a talented human.
  13. In terms of Harry Potter, I am definitely Team Slytherin. I've been a Draco Malfoy fan since day one. Sorry not sorry!
  14. I absolutely love dogs and think that they are the greatest creatures in the world! If I could own any pet, it would be a Pomeranian named Tiger.
  15. I love being anywhere next to an ocean. To me, the ocean brings a sense of comfort, peace and endlessness. When I'm at the beach, I'm relaxed and comfortable.
  16. I'm most afraid of spiders. They absolutely terrify me!!
  17. If I could visit anywhere that I haven't been yet, I would visit Egypt. I would love to see the pyramids and learn about the history of Egypt!
  18. My favorite movie has always been and always will be Titanic! I can't get over it and it's greatness 😭 epic film
  19. If I had to choose only two things to drink for the rest of my life (non alcoholic and alcoholic), I would choose Coca Cola and Coors Light. Super healthy, I know!!
  20. If I could meet anyone from the past (there are many I would pick), hands down I would choose Elvis Presley. He is fascinating to me and such an inspirational music icon. I would talk to him about his music at that time and what the world was like (all so different).