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Horrible morning but turned around after lunch
  1. During lunch break went to Walmart . Bought items for my sons basket. It was more like I'm sorry your dad and I missed your ceremony at school but here is junk food.
  2. Ended up making something tasty for dinner. Didn't even planned it but it hit the spot. Tostadas with bean and cheese, lettuce and tomato.
  3. Good shows. Person of interest back to back and new.
My drive to work is wondering where all these cars are going. I judge and judge every single car.
  1. Dropping off my son. I see the last decade car. I think it's a decent car to drive. I bet the driver is decently stress free with no car payment hence fairly happy in life.
  2. Driving to work. I see the large SUV Cadillac. Beautiful vehicle. Wish I had one that is paid off. Thinking the driver is a well provided housewife. The husband is a successful something and easy to provide for his family. He can easily loose his position at work and wouldn't be able to afford that shiny looking car.
  3. I see the crew truck full of guys on their way to the job site. I think. It's 730am so I that means they probably woke up around 6 to be a the yard at 7. Some of the guys inside that truck have money stress but value their families. Other probably is hungover.
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