1. Patiently awaits my return while I exercise my newly found right to legally drink in public
    Not only patiently awaits, but has a pizza waiting when I arrive, the sheets clean and the bed made and the dishes done
  2. Doesn't freak out when I freak out
    Casually chills while I hide under the covers in child's pose after I get triggered during sex stuff. Asks if I'm ok, but no further questions and no uncomfortable reactions.
  3. ALWAYS willing to drive
  4. So articulate
    Not only tolerates the novel length texts I find necessary but responds with equally wordy messages
  5. We take turns paying for things
    Still get the feeling of having things bought for me every now and then, but also feel like an equal
  6. General thoughtfulness
    See above statement about having a pizza awaiting my drunken return
  7. Enjoys even the bad days
    On days like today, when realistically, I'm not fun to be around he still smiles at me like I'm fun and laughs like I'm funny