I currently do not own a record player nor do I have the means to get one, but a kid can dream.
  1. 21 by Adele
    Couldn't write this list without this one. Pretty much every single song is a well written, standalone, ear-candy hit. And all together, it makes probably the most cohesive album I've ever listened to.
  2. Once: A New Musical (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
    Once is the only show that caused me to cry in the theater (and my heart is usually stone cold in public). Each song is raw, tragic, and hopeful all at the same time. The enduring message of love in the face of adversity will always uplift me.
  3. One Wild Life: Soul by Gungor
    If you've never heard of Gungor, stream this album and you're in for a whole body experience. Both a fresh and retro sound, Gungor is at the absolute forefront of alternative music in this album.
  4. 1989 by Taylor Swift
    Gotta give it to Taytay. This is probably the best pure pop album I've ever listened to. Taylor Swift is quite possibly the most talented songwriter in pop music right now which more than makes up for her vocal abilities. Haters gonna hate. 1989 is the best.
  5. To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar
    'Nuff said