In no particular order except first and last
  1. Bay Cities
  2. Ink Sack
    Trendy but great variety here
  3. Potato Chips
    Lowkey gem from the owners of La Esquela, located just around the corner on Beverly and Stanley. Simple yet effectively one of the best sandwiches in the game. Don't sleep on this instant classic!
  4. Soda Pops
    New classic
  5. Langers
    #19 is worth the heart attack
  6. Il Tremazzino
    Late night essential! Add chalulah to grilled chicky special!
  7. Cafe il Tazzino
    Not to be confused with aforementioned il Trem, they do a healthier version of pesto chicken sandwich that should be enjoyed w a cup of tomato soup!
  8. Phillipes
    The most OG French Dip in the game
  9. Fat Sal's
    Never been but I hear great thingz
  10. All about the bread
    Awful bread, seriously terrible copy of the best sandwich I've ever had at bay cities