This ones for u @bjnovak #1stTrendingList
  1. SaltFries
    @Lilysaltz was infamously SugarFries and clearly as a 9 year old I wanted to emulate her reaaaaallly fresh SN so I adopted the more appropriate SaltFries, cuz no ones ever actually had sugar fries and our last name is Saltzberg.
  2. FlyingPigz0007
    Wrote in everyone's yearbook to KIT via my new SN flyingpigs007 but to my dismay, when I got home and attempted to setup the account, 007 was taken!!!! Had to settle for three 0s.
  3. DevlMonkey5000
    I had a Paul Frank shirt with the iconic monkey as a devil and thought it was super rebellious slash awesome
  4. PileDriver6569
    Don't ask 🙈🙊👼
  5. MagicalMangina32
    The GOAT of all SNs. Never heard a better one EVER...... (Lowkey inspired by that line in Deuce Biggalo Male Jiggalo)
  6. MagicalMangina07
    Somehow I forgot the password to 32 and had to recreate the glory days w this substitute. iChat days. Ask any 13 year old private school chick back in the day about this SN and they might faint