The high school haunts that haunt me
  1. The Black Cat
    Oh the shows, the drama, the fake ID confiscation. Original U Street location also. Sometimes, during my now-infrequent visits here, i think the floor plan is the old one and try to pass from room-to-room.
  2. Second Story Books
    Cheap art books and usually cheap records -- a great place to go when we got bored of smoking cigarettes in DuPont Circle.
  3. TGI Fridays
    Don't ask. That spinach and artichoke dip though
  4. Olsson's Books and Records
    No longer with us but oh that drive after school was out in the afternoons to spend ten dollars ($10!) on CD singles from the UK in slim cases and maybe two, three, four b-side tracks. Bonus: across the street from a then independent gas station where the guy in the little hut would sell us cigarettes no questions asked.
  5. My mom's Volvo
    How she never smelled the cigarettes I don't know. There were a lot of crushes undone by dudes saying stupid shit in the passenger seat about mix tapes.
  6. Northwest Cafe
    I was never quite cool enough for this place, but there were cool kids who I knew and proto-emo kids who I did not really know. Once I wore a fur coat here. It was that kind of place. Also, inside smoking, natch.
  7. 930 Club/WUST Music Hall
    Britpop central. And Pavement. And this one time we saw Neds Atomic Dustbin five years too late and we met them because my mother was late picking us up and they were way way more interested in chatting up my mother than us when she finally showed up.
  8. Au Pied de Cochon
    Weren't we cool ordering Guinness and oysters?