Air Force Brat so my allegiances are spread.
  1. Chicago White Sox
    Carlton Fisk was my favorite player and I could watch him on WGN while we moved around. Kills me he went into the Hall of Fame as a Red Sock(?). Anyway, he's from Vermont, so whateves.
  2. St. Louis Rams
    They were the Los Angeles Rams back then. I hope they go back. And go back to blue and white.
  3. Boston Celtics
    I was a white guy who played ball in the 80's so this wasn't a choice. Stuck with them tho. Ray Allen broke my heart. Beat LA.
  4. St. Louis Blues
    First place I lived with pro hockey. The Checkerdome was a dump but awesome. My dad took me to my first game against Gretzky's Oilers. Listened to Dan Kelly on the radio all the time. They will win the Stanley Cup to give me a championship in each major sport. Let's go Blues.
  5. Penn State Nittany Lions
    Joe Paterno. Grand Experiment. We do it right here.