Remember these when going out

IMPORTANT Guidelines. Pay attention. This information is based on years of experience, and is subject to change with age.
  1. Weed
    ⚠️SEVERE INTOLERANCE: Nausea and hyperemesis occur in the setting of second hand marijuana smoke, don't even ask me to directly inhale. Please keep it far, FAR away for the sake of the greater good.
  2. Champagne
    Happy, spontaneous and VERY drunk
  3. Beer
    Full-feeling from lots of bubbles, tendency to black/brown-out/forget almost everything regardless of amount consumed
  4. Whiskey
    MEAN GIRL. Avoid in most situations.
  5. Gin
    Always a good choice + tonic.
  6. Vodka
    Sneaks up out of nowhere: prepare for immediate drunkenness at any unexpected time unrelated to amount consumed.
  7. Wine
    Mostly happy, risk of being emotional however usually a good choice
  8. Tequila
    Wild, unpredictable, limit to 2 max for safety, 3 if a hangover can be afforded
  9. Shots
    Aren't we all a little too old for this? Best to just avoid, maybe 1-2 max