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my favourite song by fiona apple 💐
  1. oh, you silly stupid past time of mine
  2. you were always good for a rhyme
  3. and from the first to the last time
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  1. love yourself and nurture yourself.
  1. i wonder if everybody hope that this song is not depressing as the last one was
  2. heaven smelled like nag champas
  3. come here darling ash my blunt
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"who ever said progress was a slow process wasnt talking bout me" - curtis jackson
  1. i feel joy
  2. i think i feel joy
  3. i think it will get better
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  1. erykah badu - hello ft andre 3000
  2. erykah badu ft andre 3000 - hello
  3. erykah badu ft 3 stacks - hello
  4. oh also.. erykah and andre - hello
the other is you. we are all one. i see my potential through these people.
  1. fiona apple
  2. erykah badu
  3. tyler, the creator
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i am canadian, this is not in honor of american thanksgiving. i woke up feeling even more appreciative than i normally do.
  1. being alive
  2. good music
  3. being able to read, write, and learn new things everyday
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this what happen when i think bout you.. i get in my feelings yuh, i start reminiscing yuh...
  1. the way you would look at me during conversation as if holding onto every single world
  2. conversations under your star projector
  3. the way you'd hug me after not seeing me for awhile but really it had only been a couple days
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