1. Irreplaceable- Beyoncé
    everything he owned was in a box to the left. this can be interpreted many ways. box, meaning vagina, could imply that beyoncé's former man has put all he owns in another vagina. also make sure to consider beyoncé's use of "left" as opposed to "right", as he is left/leaving her. this does not have to do with boxes.
  2. Hotbox- Laganja Estranga
    violent imagery of her hotbox, a marijuana smoking device, as her metaphorical vagina. in popular gay culture, this may be described as a "bussy", as Estranga is a drag queen performer.
  3. Sweetbox (the music group's entire discography)
    the juxtaposition of sweetbox's modern R&B feel with classical music samples speak for themselves.
  4. Boxxy Remixes on Youtube- Various Artists
    she is not actually a box