Things on my phone
  1. Static
    Inspirational graffiti message in Lisbon
  2. Static
    Locals in Seixo, Portugal. This is a small village near the city Chavez, a northern city bordering Spain.
  3. Static
    This was outside a bar in Greenport, Long Island by the northern fork.
  4. Static
    Got to see my favorite drag queen, the lady bunny, who is also a founder of wigstock.
  5. Static
    Bruno as one of the groomsmen in a traditional "Indian" wedding
  6. Static
    Miss my nana, she was so kind and warm even until the very end! If I could have even a little of her grace!
  7. Static
    2 seats away from the comedian Kathy Griffin and a blurry picture!
  8. Static
    The movie Brooklyn. I love Saoirse Ronan here, Emory Cohen is talented too.