Graduating this week has got me all sentimental
  1. Welcome Week #YOWWO
    Dressing all fancy, seeing the skyline, getting excited
  2. Torch Day 2012
    My hall council days were short, but they were oh-so-sweet
  3. Walking to TSQ
    Totally random best friend bonding
  4. Hurricane Sandy
    Weinstein Hall is built like a TANK
  5. This...is the Colbert Report!
    Randomly waking up early and checking Twitter never felt so good
  6. Shabbat for 2000 2k14
    RIP Coles Sports and Recreation Center
  7. DC Daytrip
    Twelve hours in the capital, a lifetime of memories from the greyhound bus
  8. East Asian Studies Night 2014
    Performing "Frozen: Abridged" in Japanese with Freddy ❄️
  9. Meeting Neil Gaiman
    The Great Book Giveaway, just another lovely WSP event
  10. Study Abroad in Berlin 2015
    Global Network University™ amirite?
  11. Snapping some Chats
    Bar Hopping in Brooklyn, Shake Shack at MSQ 📸
  12. Big East Basketball
    An excuse for mom and dad to visit and hang out in Herald Square
  13. Vegas Vacation
    Somebody said senior spring break?? ♠️♥️♣️♦️
  14. Senior (and Sibling) Photos
    Me and the bro clean up pretty well
  15. Gettin' the Gown
    Pretty in purple 💜
  16. A Date with Destiny
    CAS Bacc in just four days 😭😭😭😭