I know this makes me a cliche, but I LOVE pumpkin beer. I look forward to fall for many reasons, but a big one is because that's when pumpkin beers are released. No two pumpkin beers are the same, which I think is partially why I like them so much. So much variety.
  1. Pumpkin Ale-Schlafly Brewery, St. Louis, MO. I almost feel like it isn't fair to even put this one on the list, because I love it so much more than any other. It tastes like liquid pumpkin pie, and the spices blend perfectly together. Some day I hope they distribute in Colorado.
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  2. Hey! Pumpkin'-Denver Beer Co.-Denver, CO. I had this for the first time last year and fell in love. It's an easy drink, with a good spice flavor that's not overwhelming. It's not hard to drink a few of these in one sitting.
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  3. Pumpkin Lager-Lakefront Brewery-Milwaukee, WI. Another easy drinking beer with well balanced flavors. Interestingly, According to their website, this is one of the few pumpkin lagers in the world; most pumpkin beers are ales.
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  4. Funky Pumpkin-Boulevard Brewing Co.-Kansas City, MO. Had this for the first time this year. It's a pumpkin sour, which is what really caught my eye (I love sour beers). You don't get too much of a pumpkin flavor with this one, but you do get that nice fall beer flavor. I'd describe it more as a fall sour. Very interesting beer, but very enjoyable.
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  5. Night Owl Pumpkin Ale-Elysian Brewing Co.-Seattle, WA. This is another beer that I tried for the first time this season. Very heavy on the spice flavor, but they mix well together with the pumpkin. A great beer for a chilly fall day.
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