April Fools Jokes That Aren't Douchey

These are jokes you would want to be at the receiving end of.
  1. Make a pot of hot coffee for your loved one and tell them it's a cup of mud water. And then when they drink it, "surprise! It's actually just coffee"
  2. Because it's a Friday (aka payday), as an employer pretend you mixed up everyone's salaries and pay your employees double what they usually get. Important you don't correct for this "mistake" when you "realize" it.
  3. Pretend you thought it was your best friend's birthday and buy them a gift.
  4. Tell the dieter in your life that this chocolate cake is gluten-free and sugar-free and then watch them enjoy life even if just for a spoonful (you may receive some backlash for this one).
  5. Once everyone's in the office move the clock forward three hours ahead #longweekend
  6. Pretend you love your kids equally and tell them both you love them more than anything in this world when it's obvious you have a favourite.
  7. And there you go, you survived April Fools without being a dick. 👏🏽