...they'd better better preloaded on a tablet or computer with an unlimited power supply.
  1. LOST
    Unironically and possibly for tips/reminders of what to do and not do. The drama, humor, characters, mythology, storytelling, and cinematography put it at the top of my list. Oh, and the score. Just a beautiful show.
  2. Frasier
    My wife and I have watched this series twice through on Netflix. Brilliant writing and acting. High brow and slapstick combined and delivered at its very best.
  3. The Office
    Unforgettable characters. Superb writing. Such good memories of watching and laughing-so-hard-we're-crying at this show with my family, especially my dad; enjoying it with Cathy as we dated and married. Niagara was perfection for Jim and Pam. Just the thought of Dinner Party leaves me giggling and smiling. Comfort watching at its best.
  4. Parks and Recreation
    A laugh riot. What an ensemble of lovable, funny characters. Great writing and storytelling. Ron's giggle. Leslie's gift-giving. Jean Ralphio singing his lines. April's attitude. Leslie's descriptions of Anne. Andy's naïveté. Tom and Donna's Treat Yo Self. Jerry/Gary/Larry/etc. Ben starting and quitting the accounting firm.