1. Kawhi continues to grow in his confidence and the team clearly trusts him. His defense still surprises me at times; maybe tonight I thought Melo might be the Melo of old.
  2. Good games from the Big Three, much better than yesterday's matinee against the Celtics (as a group). Loved seeing Parker knock down some shots in the 4th. Ginobili continues to surprise with his play coming out of the gate this season. And Duncan keeps anchoring the D; glad to see the Spurs go to him early.
  3. LMA took another step, continuing a good transition to his central role on the team. 9 points in the 1st half, 10 in the 2nd. Having a two-man game with Kawhi as an option is unfair.
  4. My wife loves Patty's accent; I love his energy, defense, and shot-making. He looks great, hopefully putting last season far behind him.