you know it's true
  1. Miltank
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    I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?
  2. Dugtrio
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    can somebody say... foursome?
  3. TIE: Grimer and Muk
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  4. Misdreavus
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    a ghost in the streets and a freak in the sheets
  5. Smoochum
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    the perfect combination of sexy and cute
  6. Slaking
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    this lazy Pokémon likes it nice and slow
  7. Deoxys
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    damn Deoxys you's a bad bitch, huh?
  8. Purugly
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    more like purdy-frickin-hot if you ask me
  9. Gothitelle
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    do you watch American Horror Story tho
  10. Probopass
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    kind of looks like drake's dad