These are the podcasts that I listen to mostly these days. I listen to many more but these are the ones that I listen to at least once a week. Any recommendations to add to my list?
  1. The Briefing
    Albert Mohler delivers " a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview." He also hosts a podcast called Thinking in Public which is very good and I listen to whenever it is released.
  2. Rebel Force Radio
    Star Wars podcast. My wife never knew how much a geek I was until she heard me listening to this podcast. It tides me over until the Force awakens
  3. Ask Pastor John
    Pastor John Piper answers listener's questions on theology.
  4. Harvest: Greg Laurie
    One of my favorite bible teachers. These are full sermons from Harvest church in California.
  5. Nerdist
    Chris Hardwick talks to celebrities. I like this podcast because it's more of a conversation than an interview.
  6. The Art of Manliness
    All manly topics and discussions. Interviews with men on how to become a better man.
  7. Breakpoint Daily
    Little News bites from a Christian worldview.
  8. Up For Debate
    Julie Roys hosts this weekly show were guests debate over Christian issues. What a great example this show is to believers on how to conduct ourselves in a loving way with fellow believers we disagree with.