Rising Hollywood Stars

In my opinion.
  1. Taron Egerton
    Making increasing apearances in British and American film. Taron has been in films such as: Kingsman: The Secret Service, Legend, and Eddie The Eagle.
  2. Chloe Grace Moretz
    Having been an actor most of her life. Chloe is becoming more prominent in newer Hollywood Blockbusters. Some of her more recent roles include the popular Kick-ass franchise, Neighbors 2, The 5th Wave, Carrie, and many many more.
  3. Saoirse Ronan
    In one of her most recent films, Brooklyn, Saoirse plays an Irish immigrant. However, she has played a variety of other parts such as HANNA, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Lovely Bones.
  4. Hailee Steinfield
    Known for her roles in True Grit, Enders Game, and Pitch Perfect 2, Hailee Steinfield is one of Hollywoods young up-and-coming actresses.