"The Films In My Head" How I Found My Passion

  1. As most people probably do throughout their childhood and teenage years, I went through a long list of careers I thought I wanted to have. Each phase lasting not quite as long as the previous.
  2. Anywhere from an astronomer, a pirate (Yes, a pirate. Not a modern pirate. The "Ahoy matey, savvy?" type of pirate. Long story...I was really young.) the military, a cop, a professional [enter sport], a musician, and the list goes on.
  3. But, entering my high school years, I realized I had to really start thinking about what I wanted to do. Keep in mind, I've never been a school type of kid. So I never payed attention to what universities I should go to. So over the years I went through a list of careers. Simple, practical, but BORING.
  4. I realized I was choosing a "settle down" type of career. Just something that would allow me to "exist." That wasn't me. I could see it. But, I didnt know how to really find the career for me. Believe me, it became frustrating.
  5. Then about my senior year in high school, I saw a YouTube video from a user named Bradley Martyn. Someone who I had been watching for awhile.
  6. In one of his videos he said something along the lines of "What do you think about all day? When your doing something you hate, where are your thoughts? What would you rather be doing? That's what you should be doing."
  7. And I remember this struck me for some reason. I finally got it. I had realized, for as long as I could remember, I was always thinking of little "movie scenes." Writing my own scenes and stories in my head. While I was in class (which is why I probably failed most of them) or wherever I was.
  8. I was creating these mini-movies based on what was around me. The people and surroundings. Even when I was a kid, I would write these absolutely terrible screenplays and co-write with a friend.
  9. This is something I have done for as long as I can remember. Something I still do to this day. But, now I take these ideas and turn them into something real.
  10. I am beginning to write legit screenplays and starting school to become a writer and film director.
  11. So, if you can take anything away from this, let it be to always follow your heart. Follow your dream. Don't ever settle for something less. Even if it seems like the most practical thing to do.