The Free State Of Jones: Movie Review

  1. Great Cinematography
    Overall, the movie had great picture, sound, and cinematography. The viewer will experience the realism of the Civil War.
  2. Slow Paced
    It was not too long of a film, however, due to the slow pace. It felt like it added an extra hour.
  3. More History, Less Story
    Throughout the movie, it showed authentic photos of the Civil War and a timeline of events that took place for a handful of scenes in the film. The story was nice, it just didnt feel like the centre of the films attention.
  4. Some Scenes Lacked Explanation
    There were a few scenes that flashforward to the 1960's showing Knight's (Mathew McConaughey) distant grandson. Showing that the discrimination still existed after what he faught for. However, the scenes seemed random and without explanation.
  5. 5/10. +1
    We have to add plus one for McConaughey!