You may know me as the showbiz boy, Adam Nee, but before all the thousands of dollars, I had some awkward celebrity encounters. Come with me now as we remember...
  1. Mika Gorbachev
    When I was 17 I modeled in a runway show for the Orlando tech convention. When I hit the end of the catwalk, I saw Gorbachev sitting in the front row. He was curious about the cool Army tech and leather shorts I was wearing and started to point at my ankle gadget. The voice over explaining my tech was ending so I had to turn back. Mika got animated, trying to stop me, pointing aggressively at my cool guy gear. I couldn't just stand there so I shrugged to a frustrated Gorbachev and walked off.
  2. Stephen Baldwin
    Stephen was looking for a writer to help with a graphic novel and I was recommended. I took the train to Nyack and waited for him for 2 hours. When he picked me up he took me to get his kids from soccer and run errands. Finally we went to his house where he showed me some animation for his idea. It was to be about cool skater kid evangelists who were Rebels for Christ. He said he was a general in Gods army and he was on a mission. I didn't take the job but I told him I loved Young Riders.
  3. Sable
    Rena Mero (Sable) was a popular female wrestler in 1998. She was given a segment on Inside Edition in which she was to be put in situations with young "hunks" who are hypnotized. I was a 17 yr old skinny pale "hunk." I realized immediately that the hypnosis was fake when a producer said "hypnosis is suggestion. If you don't take the suggestion, you won't be on the show." I ran with it and excelled in the bit where we were supposed to pretend we weren't attracted to this smelly plastic lady.
  4. Carrot Top
    My summer job throughout most of high school was working at my dads Krispy Kreme doughnuts shop. Many strange things happened there but one constant fascination was the regularity in which Carrot Top came in. He was often wearing only a bath robe and heavy mascara. He was very muscular and sweaty and kind and troubling.
  5. Robert Sean Leonard
    I got in an an elevator in lower Manhattan with Robert Sean Leonard and another guy. The other guy recognized him and tried to make a connection, listing names of people they might both know. RSL was polite. When the other guy got off the elevator I remembered we had a mutual friend but as soon as I started to say it I thought better so I just said "Robert Sean Leonard" as if I was naming him. He nodded and said "yes." The elevator ride lasted another six hours I think.
  6. Stanley Tucci
    When I first moved to New York I was world class dumb. My sister Amy and I saw Stanley walking his daughter in a stroller and I went up to him and told him I had a part for him in a movie. I asked him if he was busy in August (8 months away.) He laughed and said he wasn't busy and he gave me his agents info at CAA. He was really very nice to this 21 yr old kid with his 19 yr old sis, promising him the role of a lifetime. Sadly, his agent never got back to me and Tucci's career suffered dearly.
  7. Michael Sheen
    An actress named Anna Friel took me under her wing when I was just a stupid poor dumb kid in NY. One day we had lunch with her pal Michael Sheen. I really wanted to impress him. He was telling great stories and mentioned he was up for a movie that shot in Thailand. Me being a genius of words and worlds said something to the effect of "wow, China." As soon as it left my mouth I knew the error. I cringed. Sheen and Anna stared at me for a beat and then kindly brushed past it. I turned red and died
  8. The Social Hollywood
    My first job in LA was at the Social nightclub. In the first week I worked there was a bday party with Kiera Knightley, Leo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., and a bunch more stars. It was a surreal way to be introduced to LA. The French manager threatened to fire me for having a dirty rag hanging off my belt that night. Later on he got fired for sleeping with a waitress. Anyhow I hope someday I'll be at one of these parties and a kid will come up and ask me to stop smoking indoors like I did then.