An homage to those amazing moments in film where cinema competes with the worlds greatest literature and emotion overtakes intellect.
  1. "Sometimes the things we hold onto the most are the things that watermelon bean cart grrrg vrrrr..."
    Colin Wally Stone in The Stroke
  2. "You can run your whole life, but I'll always be chasing after you. I'll always be following you, you club footed seal boy. You land otter. You human fish man."
    Man Mankin Jr. from Bewilders, pt 2 - The Sealquel
  3. "Geordie you're still stuck in the sinkhole? Geordie? God dammit this is a bad sinkhole."
    Colin Wally Stone in Sinkhole
  4. "Waiting for you has been the easiest thing I've ever done."
    Marnie Handwater in Turd
  5. "When this all started I wanted something I couldn't have. Now here, near the end, I realize I have what I never knew I wanted, but what I always needed...this basement full of dead clowns."
    Charlie Corn from The Bummer
  6. "If you are contagious, I want to be infected! Our love can overcome anything!"
    Barbaba Brubarr in The Stupid Nurse
  7. "The only thing I need from you is your love and attention... oh... and maybe just a kiss."
    Little Barry Drownndst from The Boy and His Hand
  8. "Me? Oh I'm nobody. Yeah just friggin nobody at all. Why am I here now in France? Oh no friggin reason. I'm damned nobody at all. Seem mysterious? Nah back off will ya, I'm friggin a nothing. Yeah. Nothing. Just little old Geordie Brady, the boy who survived the sinkhole!"
    Tommy Joan Farley from final scene of Sinkhole