1. I dropped a golf ball on the floor
    "A fart slipped out."
  2. I need to trim these bushes
    "Cut my dad's hair"
  3. Gimme the headline!
    "Show me with your hand how receded my hairline is."
  4. I could use some down time
    "You can sit on me and put bricks on me and hurt me cause it's my fetish."
  5. I want to wompam with my wompam
    "Play basketball with my turd"
  6. I'm not ticklish
    "It's fine to electrocute me and stab me and fish hook my testes in a sexual way. My fetishes are many"
  7. I could eat a clam
    "Have turds for dinner"
  8. This place is dead
    "Get me out of this bird carcass"
  9. Gonna give you a can of wompam
    "I have to poop on the floor of this restaurant."
  10. I'm gonna wompam with my woman
    "Play basketball with one of my sisters"
  11. I got a dozen clams but a wompam ain't turd
    "I have to turd, but not in a regular way. A mouth turd. I have to barf"
  12. Sorry for saying turd
    "I leaned in for the kiss too soon"