1. I gotta slip a spider
    Get out of these church clothes and into my bathing suit.
  2. Can I horn your dibby's wheel
    Can I borrow your sister's car?
  3. I'd love a look at that dibby
    Can I see your sister's yearbook photo?
  4. I dropped my wallet on the linoleum
    Took a turd in a public trash can.
  5. I'd love to corn a spider
    Try on speedos at Wal Mart.
  6. You can pay me but I can't deposit it into my bank account
    I'll hold a spot for you in the bathroom line but I can't literally turd for you.
  7. Nah he's NASA spaceman
    No, his uncle won't buy us beer.
  8. He's got that NASA attitude
    His uncle's a mean old turd.
  9. His dibby tried out for NASA
    His sister is hot, but her personality falls more into the turd category, in such a way that she's not totally worth trying to hook up with.
  10. I gotta corn my own way
    Learn to dress myself after the accident.
  11. Boom Shacka Zoom
    Penny Hardaway slammed a jam at bball.
  12. Boom Zoom Boom
    Penny Hardaway is killing it on his free throws.
  13. Boom Shacka Corn
    I'd like to try on Penny Hardaway's bball clothes.
  14. Zoom Shacka dibby look spider
    Penny Hardaway is the only bball boy I would let take a look at my sister's yearbook and bathing suit photos from her modeling phase.