1. I have a thousand dollars
  2. My dad came up with idea to make Transformers movie
    Then it's a photo of my dad's thousand dollar smile
  3. Now THATS love
    Then it's a photo of my dad proposing to my mom
  4. My dad has thousands in cash
    Then it's a photo of my dad holding his hands out but his hands have holes in them from nails. Stigmata and whatever
  5. What's the matter with my butt?!
  6. I spell it "backsetboll"
    A pic of my dad dunking a forty ounce into an 8foot bball hoop that's set up over a grave
  7. Corn???
    A shot of my mom holding a basket full of cucumbers with a dopey look on her face
  8. Marriage: 1 Divorce: 0
    Pic of dad and mom hugging
  9. Is there something wrong with my ass today?
  10. Is this the cool guy club?
    Pic of my sweet ass dad in sunglasses
  11. Were you saying something?
    Pic of my dad looking over his shoulder at us right after he nailed a perfect bullseye at darts at which he is excellent
  12. Thanks Papa
    Pic of a swimming pool with an old Nintendo floating in it
  13. Keep the change
    My dad paying someone with a thousand dollar bill that has Obama's face on it