1. Chasster
    This name gives a boy a chance. It says, "I'm rich, I own all the sweaters, my jet skis are oiled, I've got extra gloves in my purse."
  2. Budweiser
    Tired of having to wash all the blood off your kids face from all the school punches, all that bully kick? Tired no further, name your boy Budweiser.
  3. Brown
    Voted top color by several men's magazines, could be one day my boy is voted top man by a color magazine.
  4. Chrimsom
    Cause I like Bible names even from Old Testament when God was always telling certain groups to murder other groups.
  5. Farmner
    Variation on farmer. It's ironic cause my boy won't be a farmer and he won't get his mittens dirty cause he will be a rich little Betty who spends his days deciding which toys to burn and which jet skis to oil.
  6. Little Betty
    The boy with all the gloves.
  7. Regis
    Again, I like bible names. Doesn't mean I'm a preacher.
  8. Just
  9. Carton
    When a baby is born you can tell by their heads whether or not they will be a weight lifter. If their head is the right shape, they get named Carton.
  10. Vino
    Pronounced "underwear" - this name is a proven aphrodisiac.