Gonna try and remember some of them, I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting right now but me and time and memory and music we all have a fluid relationship.
  1. Outkast and Lauren Hill NJPAC (1999)?
    Before Lauren Hill and Andre3k each went respectively crazy and Big Boi gained a billion lbs of soda weight. I would cut a motherfucker for a bootleg.
  2. Ben Folds Five/Beck/Dave Mathews Band Giants stadium (1999)?
    Judge me motherfucker Dave Mathews Band is amazing I mean 15 years ago, y'all and Abercrombie used to have dope shit. And Ben Folds Five is so great, and Beck has his weird Scientology jersey retired in the rafters.
  3. Phish w/kid rock Las Vegas 2000 Halloween
    I have seen probably 30 something phish shows in my white Jewish life so it's hard to narrow it down. But this came at the end of me seeing 7 of their shows all over the southwest with my first college girlfriend whose name was Montana she was from Houston and she ditched me after this concert in the parking lot and I had to have my high school hippie buddy Marc Miller drive me to the hotel I was staying at The Circus Circus and I called my parents to "check in" at 7 in the morning.
  4. Pearl Jam 2003 MSG
    I've seen PJ probably 30 times in my white Jewish life as well, but this concert was special. First time they had played since 9/11, crowd was 🔥. Ben Harper special guest on emotional Immortality. Fuck you pearl jam is good I swear.
  5. Alabama Shakes Griffith Observatory August 2015
    In some kind of like fever dream of a day I did Conan with them and we chatted backstage. They where so nice and gave me great seats for their show that night. I found myself crying in front of my buddy Doug. CRYING.
  6. Jay Z/ Chris Martin / Kanye West / Beyoncé black tie opening weekend at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas 2010?
    I don't remember how we all ended up their at this event but I do remember rapping every word to Jesus walks in the front row with Kanye feeling me, and my wife bursting into tears when she spotted Gwenyth Paltrow walk through the casino with wet hair.