I was inspired by Anthony King and Will Hines podcast with Jason Mantzoukas, had a free moment and am a supreme narcissist. Here are some of the most favorite improv scenes I'm hazily remembering that I've ever done. Im sure some details are wrong, and it's not that impressive but I was feeling nostalgic.
  1. It was a 3 line scene between me and John Gemberling. Death by Roo Roo was doing a Harold night to cover for somebody.
    Me - "hey pretty lady, where you headed?" Gembo - "to that rape clinic across the street" Me - "Alone?"
  2. RPG Death by Roo Roo mono-scene I believe during one of our long cage match runs
    I don't remember any lines, but I do remember it started off as a Lord of The Rings like fantastical journey with hilarious characters. Then Curtis Gwinn (The G.O.A.T) turned it into a two universed scene like Never Ending story where he and Anthony where playing a role playing game. When it turned back to the journey I tried to jump in but had a retarded accent and was very dumb with the genres lingo. Curtis switched back to the young boy who was playing the game and I was his big brother
  3. First or second hot sauce show of all time
    To me this early scene and edit kind of formed how we play. Ben Schwartz starts a scene as a transaction cause he could give a shit about the rules, Ben - "You're looking for a suit I'm to understand". I, like the terrible friend I am immediately try to make him break from his initiation, me - "Yes, but keep in mind I'm a large bird who is going to a black tie party" Ben - looks at me furiously "May I show you to the double breasted section" Gil edits, we never call the scene back.
  4. Early Harold night with a team called Beverly Hills
    This team was so fun and had a real fuck you attitude. We did our opening in the dark which really played to Nate Lang and I's strength of screaming weird shit and Eddie Dunn getting confused. Suggestion was bondage or something Lang and I did a scene where he really slapped me in the face as hard as he could three times. We come out for the second beat, neither of us says anything, Nate takes off his belt, audience is tangibly nervous, I put belt around neck, Nate yanks, thank god for an edit
  5. Asssscat NY 2012?
    Poehler and I doing a scene at a black barber shop, but we're bugs, and we're getting a thousand perms and stuff gossiping about the queens politics, somehow we end up talking about how to a termite, a steak would be a stake.
  6. Roo Roo LA Cagematch 2010? Gelman, me and Jackie Clarke are three girls on our first camping trip alone
    The whole mono scene became about how none of us had taken a shit because no one wanted to shit in the woods and how that was the only thing that scared us. When we all ended up shitting which lasted 10 minutes I could see audience members gagging. One of the best shows ever.
  7. Harold Night 2005? Havana Clambake my first Harold team is on the chopping block big time.
    I do a first beat with Pam Murphy where we are chickens who are scared we are next to be killed and are thinking of fighting back. Second beat, were Jews hiding in a basement in 1940 Berlin, third beat were native Americans hiding in a buffalo. I was like..... Oooooohhhhhhh like that it could be funny. Next day team broken up.
  8. Assssssscat LA 2009?
    One of my first assscats in LA I was scared out of my mind, don't remember monologist but Huskey was playing a character in a neck brace and it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I kept running in to where he was and telling him the building was on fire and watching him freak out but not be able to turn his neck was one of the best things I have ever seen. Felt like after that show Huskey stopped looking at me as the kid that did Stepfathers lights, tho we still don't like eachother.
  9. First Roo Roo show
    My 1st Roo Roo show was one of the best shows I've ever done. The monoscene was a sex addiction meeting that kept getting out of hand. Gembo fucked his bird Gideon, Neil ate his own shit, I jerked off into catchers mitts, no one would let Gavin say what was wrong with him till the clock was about to run out when he says I touched a kid. We all boo.
  10. Gravity Water DCM 2011?
    Doing some scene from a show I've never heard of but would later at a party tell someone of course I knew what play it was. Scene is a breakup scene, Julie Sharbutt is yelling at me that I don't care enough about our relationship to make an effort. Im playing into it, worst boyfriend ever. Sitting down entire show. Finally she says, you won't even give me the respect to see me out. I stand from my chair and fall instantly. Reveal I'm a disabled war veteran. Me - "still breaking up with me?"