Still waiting for my flight figured why the hell not put one more quick walk down this lane from mind to Internet. More hazily remembered improv scenes. Very nerdy stuff here guys.
  1. Neil Casey - "Having trouble selling this hunk of junk huh?" Joe Wengert "Yes, as it would turn out it is incredibly difficult to sell a piece of the challenger." Neil "so are you ready to say I was right?"
  2. Chad carter "as the car passes we see a row of signs, turn back around, go the other way, what the fuck are you doing." Paul Scheer "we then see a guy furiously painting signs, hammering them in the ground and running ten feet ahead to do it again."
  3. Gelman "I'm gonna come back in this diner in 20 to 22 minutes and kill every one of you." When he comes back the entire diner is armed it is an enormous shoot out.
  4. Rob Heubel directors commentary "I was ________ stunt double." Then every two minutes "me.... Not me.... Me.... Me.... Not me........
  5. Glazer playing same guy walking through a supermarket with a shopping cart in every scene for a whole asssscat
  6. Dillinger did a Harold where it ended up being orchestrated all by the old men Woods and King played in their first beats. Blew my little mind. Was right around the time I found out Zach was younger then me and that got me very very upset.
  7. Mailer Daemons ghost Harold
  8. WeirdAss that all revolved around a car crash they where in that they recreated 3 times from different perspectives.
  9. Secunda Delaney NAILED DOWN. They where dads watching their kids play ball at a little league game. Through reveled Delaney is considerably older, ends up he's there to watch his son do community service as the umpire.
  10. Wicked Fuckin Queeya "we see this guy is fucking smaaaaat" (Mantzoukas referenced this on a podcast recently)
  11. 1985- Charlie Sanders to his incredibly intolerant parents "this is my boyfriend" Will Hines "hi I'm Bruce, Bruce San Francisco"