Terminal 2 jfk going up on a Sunday 7 am
  1. Modern Orthodox Jew wrapping T'fillin in front of a framed Starry Night poster
  2. 600 pound white couple who are each in one leg of white washed wranglers
  3. Warren Sapp
  4. The hatian prime minister. Or someone speaking hatian so loudly I can only assume he's the prime minister of Haiti and he's discussing something of great hatian importance
  5. 3 tatted up street wear reps wearing Yeezys and shouting about how the latte machine in the lounge is a major 🔑
  6. T-Pains weird looking pug dog wife and she has a little weird pug dog with her
  7. Four old James Taylers and one Carol King
  8. Chris Tucker in his costume from the fifth element
  9. Vlade Divac