Things I Had at Momafuka Toronto

This restaurant was where I ate every night and it is one of my favorite restaurants in the world
  1. Kimchi Deviled egg
  2. Buckwheat and Kale puttanesca
  3. Race cake gnocchi and spicy sausage
  4. Dan Dan peanut noodles
  5. Buttermilk sugar biscuits
  6. Gallons and gallons of the peach ale
  7. Miso ramen
  8. Sweet chicken ramen
  9. Buffalo chicken wing bun (FTW)
  10. Brussel Sprouts with puffy rice
  11. Cauliflower Tempura crisps
  12. Skirt steak in bone marrow
  13. Spicy cucumber salad
  14. Raw Skate ceviche with wasabi tobiko and beats
  15. Red Chili paste rice cakes
  16. Corn Flake Ice Cream and Donuts
  17. Salty Granola Apple cobbler