Ways You're Money Can Make You More Money

From a financial gooroo
  1. Take a picture of your money, sell that picture for money. Boom you're money's made you more money.
  2. Take your money, preferably your smaller monies. Go into one of the half bathrooms in your house, do a little macro-met of your money on the wall as a kitschy decoration. Enjoy that bathroom at you're convenience for a year or so until the neighborhood's public schools have gone up in rating. Sell your house, point out the kitschy bathroom. $make$.
  3. Someone says you like hip hop, instead of saying no like always you say yes, listen, realize, the kids dope. You call your cuz who works for def/jamislands legal dept. She gets tape in right persons hand. Wippy Cambodia (the rapper) finds out it was you who hooked it up, to repay you he lets you chose the image on his album cover. see #1. $+$=more$