Into it!

Things that are currently bringing me happiness amid the mass outbreak of "OMG, We Had It So Good in 2016" sentiment that is taking over social media.
  1. The John Green YouTube series 100 Days
    An inspirational web series about two middle age trying to make sustainable diet and health changes to their lives.
  2. Terry McDonell's memoir "The Accidental Life"
    Geeking out over anecdotes of editing and working with amazing writers like David Carr.
  3. Walt Harrington's "Artful Journalism: Essays in the Craft and Magic of True Storytelling"
    Is journalism worth it?
  4. Field Notes' Reporter's Notebook
    Go-to notebook right now.
  5. Field Notes' Space Pen
    Has a nice heft to it that reminds me to write things that have a similar heft.
  6. Jason Isbell's song "Flying Over Water"
    The first line "From the sky we looked so organized and brave..."
  7. Orange Theory Fitness
    A gym that's helping me work on cross training for my marathon training this year.
  8. This app, List, which is like the best of Twitter minus the aforementioned collective wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  9. What are you into right now?