The apps and games I'm loving right now

A short list of my current favorite apps on the Play Store.
  1. Peak
    In my opinion, the best brain training app on Android. I used the free version for a while, but the subscription for pro is definitely a worthwhile investment. 🏋️
  2. Start off as a worm in this wonderfully simple multiplayer online game. Eat dots and smaller players to evolve and get bigger - Prepare to be addicted..
  3. Headspace
    You've probably heard of this one. Headspace is a great guided meditation app. This one is a great start to the day!
  4. Goodreads
    Okay, so Goodreads isn't an app as such, but I find myself using the app way more than the website. Goodreads is an excellent way to track your reading and to see what books your friends are into. An oldie but a goodie. 📖
  5. Mind Therapy
    I know - the jury is still out as to whether binaural beats actually work, but I feel as if they do for me. Coupled with my SleepPhones, the audio tracks on Mind Therapy knock me out for the count every time.
  6. WHM
    Right now I'm absolutely obsessed with the Iceman, Wim Hof. This app is a great crash course in the Wim Hof method. ❄️