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  1. If we had to sell humanity as a whole to aliens living on some different planet we would have to use John Oliver as our sales model
  2. The aliens would buy the human race because they'd be so charmed by John Oliver
  3. We would have scammed the aliens into accepting us all as a package deal on the basis of one adorably brilliant British human
  4. Thanks John Oliver you've saved us all!!!!!
  1. I really really love Samantha Bee🐝
  2. She's so brilliantly and boldly hilarious
  3. Also she's married to Jason Jones and was one half of The Daily Show's most gorgeous couple
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  1. This is Hershey holding a felt doll of Matt Smith that I made when I was in my Doctor Who phase
  2. This is Hershey holding my book on WWII spies as we walk home from the library. What a nice young man
  3. This is Hershey "helping" me write an essay- look at that blank word doc
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  1. David Bowie
    A bisexual rock god from space- a high quality David.
  2. David Lynch
    I want to be David Lynch so badly that I've started meditation. I also use "lynchian" as an adjective on the reg for things I find artsy and surreal.
  3. David Sedaris
    FAVORITE AUTHOR!!! I use him to define my sense of humor
  4. David Tennant
    Such a pretty man. Look at that sculpted Scottish face. Only downside: he wasn't in Love Actually.
  1. Opening act at a concert earlier this year- forget her name but she was a bit of a goddess
  2. My cool friend Amelia in my favorite bookshop in Philly
  3. A corner of the Barnes- taken surreptitiously after I got yelled at by a docent for taking pictures
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Would I even be alive without these???
  1. LUNGS by Florence + the Machine
    I bought this CD at Target in 2011. It saved my seventh grade soul.
  2. HUNKY DORY by David Bowie
    Not a week goes by without me listening to this album straight through- the individual songs are great but as a cohesive album it gives me liiiiiife
  3. TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY by Kendrick Lamar
    Ok as a white teen girl from the suburbs kdot and I have literally NOTHING in common but at the same time his music just GETS me. Ya know?
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