Would I even be alive without these???
  1. LUNGS by Florence + the Machine
    I bought this CD at Target in 2011. It saved my seventh grade soul.
  2. HUNKY DORY by David Bowie
    Not a week goes by without me listening to this album straight through- the individual songs are great but as a cohesive album it gives me liiiiiife
  3. TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY by Kendrick Lamar
    Ok as a white teen girl from the suburbs kdot and I have literally NOTHING in common but at the same time his music just GETS me. Ya know?
  4. 1989 by Taylor Swift
    I've been a Taylor fan for years and years. 1989 made me appreciate her music like never before- this album is INCREDIBLE and all the songs on it- you guessed it- give me life
  5. LEMONADE by Beyoncé
    The way Bey says "you know I give you liiiiife" on Hold Up gives me life
  6. MY HEAD IS AN ANIMAL by Of Monsters and Men
    Oh Icelandic indie folk pop, how I adore you
  7. BORN THIS WAY by Lady Gaga
    I C O N I C.
  8. VAMPIRE WEEKEND by Vampire Weekend
    Ok maybe Modern Vampires of the City is a liiitle better but this album is just so iconic. You can hear the polo shirts. And the upper west side. And the Africa. It's all so vampy weeks
  9. BLUE by Joni Mitchell
    This was one of many Mindy Kaling suggestions that has given me life.