1. 31.
    Frollo ( The "O my gord is this movie for children?" Hunchback of notre damn girl they all need to get out)
    This man is the epitome of PURE EVIL and I do not like him at all.
  2. 30.
    Cruela Devil (101 problems and an evil psychopath is def one of them)
    Why is she so determined? What is her goal? It wouldn't be that warm. Or that comfy.
  3. 29.
    Voodoo man ( Princess and the frog in New Orleans because eff it we are Disney and we do what we want)
    There are some things in this world you 👏donut👏meth👏with. Meth and voodoo are some of them.
  4. 28.
    Gaston ( The one I can't wait to see)
    Swine swine swine ass swine
  5. 27.
    Lotso (Toy Story III -only saw it once-)
  6. 26.
    Radcliffe (Pocahontas- hey I kinda liked kocoum... Like maybe he just needed a chance to be himself ya know?)
    Okay you want riches. That's fine. You want to be king. Sure, go on. BUT I SWEAR IF YOU MESS WITH MY GIRL POCO... There are worse things than death
  7. 25.
    Clayton (The one @marymurphy can't wait to see...like I think she's dying)
  8. 24.
    Ursula ( The little-spoiled brat who doesn't want to be a-mermaid.
    I just don't like her eyes. I don't like them. And who names two eels Flotsom and Jetsom? Who?
  9. 23.
    Sid (Toy Story I- classic...classic)
    This boy was the bane of my childhood. But he is probs not in a great mental state now.
  10. 22.
    Hunter (Da great Bambino)
    You never see them or know them. But they made a baby deer cry so you hate them
  11. 21.
    Maleficent ( That sleepy beaut)
    Stylin and all but next time you don't get invited to a party Mal, just throw a bigger one to spite them cause we all know you can RAVE
  12. 20.
    Jafar ( Al- bless you Robin Bless you)
    Ewwwwwwwww. Guys he is at least 50 and Jasmine was 15. Points for pet choice
  13. 19.
    Mother Gothel (Tan-o my gord she looks weird with brown hair-gled)
    Well, she diiiid kidnap her, but she also raised her pretty well. I mean she turned out okay. Does that cancel out?
  14. 18.
    Hans (Farozennn)
    THIS TOTAL ( I'm good in good) POOP FACE. Get over yourself wannabe.
  15. 17.
    Classic lower bro against big bro. But like I still can't watch that one scene that you caused so boo.
  16. 16.
    Charles Muntz (Up - dontcrydontcry DONT YOU cry-)
    Youuuuuuuu. Good for you with the dogs but youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  17. 15.
    Darla (Finding Nemo FEESH AWR FRINDS NAWT FEWD)
    It's not really your fault. You are probably like four. But you are a murderer so not okay right?
  18. 14.
    Shan Yu ( FA, Mulan)
    Points for being terrifying and also not really caring that Mulan was a girl cause you wanted to kill her either way. Like #firstnonsexist.
  19. 13.
    Mordu (Brave because I'm a girl and ain't gotta do what you tell me mofo)
    Like you. Like your background. You brought people together in the end so props.
  20. 12.
    Bellweather (Zootopia *s'cute*)
    Okay okay, I know what she did and who she is but look at her. She is wearing a blazer. Eeeeeeee
  21. 11.
    Yzma (Who doesn't know?)
    Gawd I love this movie. But Yzma Keeels et.
  22. 10.
    But no villain
  23. 9.
    Brings more fire
  24. 8.
    Drops more words
  25. 7.
    Gives more life
  26. 6.
  27. 5.
    Hades ( O honey I think you mean Hunkules)
  28. 4.
  29. 3.
  30. 2.
  31. 1.