Bb girl went to college this week y'all
  1. The Georgia institute of technology
  2. I pull up to the college and this is what I see
    All the little freshman freaking out cause their parents are freaking out in a crowd of people freaking out over bad or no parking.
  3. But not my Dad. No, Never David John Joseph Murphy
    My dad coolly pulls up on the curb, beckons some helpers, and I am moved in in twenty minutes. He has moved seven children in and out four times each. BEAT IT
  4. With the last one off to college ( hey that's me) the fastest move in time was awarded to @katiemurphy tha mastah packah.
    But I came in a close second, not closely followed by the complete slob hags @marymurphy and @joemurphy
  5. My dad then left me
    He believes in the drop and go method
  6. But that meant DORM DECO TIME
    Or so I thought
  7. Turns out that's when my schedule decided to take a nose dive to the shiz show
    Guys all my classes except for English and math abandoned me
  8. There was a freak out time
  9. I found every spot in my dorm the fetal position could be carried out
    (Under the desk is best)
  10. But the sun shown forth from the darkness and an advisor broke the bonds of scheduling and destroyed the bane of BIO 1510
    Shoutout Dr. da best
  11. SO back to decoration
  12. #hawt
  13. Twenty four hours gone
  14. Next day: time to socialize
  15. Board gamed the heck out of Tech
  16. Just Danced my way to collegiate fame
  17. 48 hours gone
  18. @joemurphy is the cool sibling that comes to visit me.
    The first thing he does is climb on my bed because he misses the comfort cause right now that little child won't buy his own mattress
  19. Then the mahmmm comes because she is the best mahmmm
    I love my mahmmmmmm
  20. So then we walk
  21. And some sad soul spilled a gallon of wing sauce on the side walk
  22. I saw it. Okay you guys. I SAW IT
  23. My mom didn't think I saw it...
  24. But I was already stopped. I was stopped guys.
  25. My mom felt it necessary to warn me
  26. She grabbed my hand and my phone was in my hand and my phone did not stop when I stopped ...
  27. My mom threw my phone face first into a vast puddle of wing sauce... In the middle of campus... On a very hotlanta day.
  28. And @joemurphy walked away laughing...
  29. So...moving on
  30. Mahm took me to target
  31. Mahm said goodbye
  32. Went to church
  33. Did the right thing and ran my heart out so I can now have unlimited ice cream
    Hotlanta is hawttttttttt
  34. Classes start tomorrow....
  35. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee
  36. 72 hours over
  37. 🚀