1. when you're really forcefully trying to cook breakfast.
  2. when you're totally mad because you have no CLUE what the heck eggs have to do with Easter.
  3. when the world got all bent out of shape about red cups 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  4. when there's one free spot left in the first floor of the parking deck at work, and a car cuts in front of me and gets it and i have to park on the 6th floor
  5. when your second toe is sticking out of your sock all day (thanks Ceu) and you can feel it all free and sweaty and bare inside of your shoe
  6. when someone replies to your email, "well i emailed her. so I've done all I can at this point." which ISN'T TRUE, KERRI!! IT'S JUST NOT!!
  7. when your pen just **decides** when it wants to put ink down & your letters have little blank spots, but you don't wanna go over the line again bc your letter will look too thick. then you do it & the pen decides not to work altogether. so you turn your paper over to do a little scribble & the ink bleeds through to the front where you didnt want it