1. Pesto spaghetti at outdoor restaurant in the middle of the street in Milan with mum
  2. Wheels of cheese, fresh baked bread, pastas - all home made by Italian mothers in our villa outside of Milan shooting Vogue Italia
  3. Fresh croissants with Emily from Huré Paris
  4. Dokk-bokki from street vendor with Jeff in Gangnam
  5. Egg bread from street vendor in market with Jeff in Seoul
  6. Jerk chicken from a truck off the side of the highway in St. Lucia
  7. St. Lucian home cooking by 3 moms in a garage in Trouya
    Mahi mahi, chicken, plantains, dasheen, rice and peas, lentils, beans, potato salad, slaw
  8. Fried dough filled with chickpea paste on our way to the St. Lucia airport