1. Cry
  2. Stand outside and wait for a breeze to blow my hair and leaves around me while I lip sync the song with a hairbrush & gusto.
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  3. Price wind machines on Amazon
  4. Stare out the window on the train to San Fran...and cry.
  5. Buy an oversized faux fur coat
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  6. Watch the video repeatedly...and cry.
  7. Work on perfecting my eyeliner game
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  8. Have random outbursts of singing the lyrics (like "HELLO FROM THE OUTSIIIIIIIIDE!" or "Hello. It's me." when answering my phone, or "AT LEAST I CAN SAY THAT I TRIIIIIIEEED!" when I burn dinner) at the top of my tone deaf voice
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  9. Pre-order 25
  10. Dramatically grab my face repeatedly
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  11. Make up w/myself. And others. And cry.