So dope, I had to spend my coins on it
  1. You Caint Use My Phone/Erykah Badu
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    "Hello" w/ Andre 3000 is my favorite track
  2. Adventures of a Lifetime/Coldplay
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    This Beyoncé feature is better than I expected. Also: Coldplay's got joy underneath it all. Here for it.
  3. Coming Home/Leon Bridges
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    So far "Smooth Sailing" and "River" are my favorites
  4. M3LL155X/FKA Twigs
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    Listened to it when it first dropped, finally just purchased it
  5. Borders, Warriors/M.I.A.
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  6. Didn't He Ramble/Glen Hansard
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  7. FREE URSELF/Prince
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    Lots of classic Prince mixed in this one. A relief from some of his other recent releases that I've struggled to like.