High. Putting the POT in POTUS. Trying to memorize facts about all presidents in chronological order bc why not!!? Here's what I learned today. #HailToTheChiefin'
  1. Washington
    Reluctantly ran. Ran unopposed every time.
  2. Adams
    Not taken seriously as a leader bc he could physically not compare to Washington. Washington was dashing and a leader, Adams was squat and short
  3. Jefferson
    Felt entitled to the presidency
  4. Madison
    Learned nothing bc I was eating a cheeseburger
  5. Monroe
    Still eating cheeseburger
  6. Jackson
    Removal act 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
  7. Van Buren
  8. Harrison
    First president to die in office
  9. Tyler
    Would not open mail of addresses to VP Tyler, demanded to be addressed as President
  10. Polk
    Wife had Hail to The Chief composed so that people would know Polk had entered. she was afraid he be overlooked bc of his short stature
  11. Taylor
    Died of cholera. 2nd to die in office
  12. Fillmore
    VP to Taylor. Self made man. #poser supporter of the telegraph. Petty and fired all of Taylor's cabinet. Fugitive slave law happens. last member of Whig partyS
  13. Pierce
    1852 on the brink of civil war. Uncle Tom's cabin is written. Train wreck killed his son right before he came into office. A drunk in the White House. personal life deteriorated his presidency. His wife was in mourning the entirety of his term. White House gets another facelift. Transcontinental railroad! Signed Kansas Nebraska Act. Single most hated President to date at the time!
  14. James Buchanan
    Republican Party is formed. from Pennsylvania but empathized with the south. Hated by Andrew Jackson. Dred Scott sued for his freedom. Supreme Court ruled against him bc he was property not citizens. Buchanan allowed it.
  15. Lincoln
    Duh. Tech pres. Utilized the telegraph and changed the involvement of the presidency in war. So consumed with his presidency that his son's death didn't seem to have an effect, though privately he was devastated. EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION