At 1:30 pm our graphic designer, Steve Fata, once again informed me that I "have a problem." This happens a lot. Here is my on-going list of the many times he's brought this to my attention.
  1. When I told him about this app
    Steve wasn't very supportive of my lists, and told me I had a problem re: my enthusiasm for lists. Fuck you, Steve.
  2. When we discussed my love life
    He informed me that I "have a problem" re: my aversion to unnecessary commitments and perma-horniness.
  3. When I told him I listened to songs on repeat for real!
    Spotify informed me that I listened to "He's A Rebel" by The Crystals 86 times in one day. Steve told me I had a problem. Thanks, Steve.
  4. When he asked me if I've ever had a microwaveable Barilla pasta bowl
    I said no, and apparently that was a problem.
  5. When I was online shopping for pianos
    Steve just doesn't understand how necessary 88 wooden keys are in my life. To him, it's just another one of my "problems."