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I was looking through my saved lists and saw this gem:
  1. You don't know me but thank you @aubreywhy for this gift 🙏
Inspired by @gagneet
  1. This is Us
    Me and literally everyone else so what else is new. But seriously if you haven't tried it yet TRY IT
  2. New Girl
    I still haven't gotten tired of it which is kind of novel for me and sitcoms. I looove these people.
  3. Pitch
    This one is stunning and inspiring and funny and real. I'm so excited for the next episode as soon as I've finished the latest one. Also the music is insanely good.
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As I have heretofore been too shy to share a list (I've been on here for months 🙈), this seems close enough to a listroduction. Inspired by so many good lists I don't even know which was the original. Also I'm pretty sure this is a week late to the party 😂😎
  1. Because I cried inconsolably when I misspelled the word "purple" on a spelling test in first grade.
    It was the only word I misspelled on a spelling test the whole year and it was the bonus word.
  2. Because I am the oldest child of two oldest children.
  3. Because every summer and many Christmases of my childhood and adolescence, my family roadtripped from AZ to both Oregon and Colorado.
    We lived far away from grandparents and other extended family, so our vacations were taken to see them. I only remember going on a vacation with just my parents and siblings once, to San Diego, when I was in middle school. Every other trip was taken with at least a grandparent or an aunt or uncle.
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