Inspired by @gagneet
  1. This is Us
    Me and literally everyone else so what else is new. But seriously if you haven't tried it yet TRY IT
  2. New Girl
    I still haven't gotten tired of it which is kind of novel for me and sitcoms. I looove these people.
  3. Pitch
    This one is stunning and inspiring and funny and real. I'm so excited for the next episode as soon as I've finished the latest one. Also the music is insanely good.
  4. Poldark
    A brooding gentleman fighting to survive AND change the status quo in Revolutionary War-era England with his gutsy, red-headed serving-wench-turned-wife by his side. It's as good as it sounds.
  5. Modern Family
    I joined this bandwagon late and I have no way to go back and watch the older seasons and I low-key want to cry about it.