Careers I'd Pursue If Money Wasn't An Option

First list!!! I love you BJ Novak
  1. FBI
    And not just because I really like their windbreaker or my designation would be Special Agent. Also inspired by White Collar and Billions
  2. Belly dance instructor
    Or Bollywood dancer. Or yoga teacher or just someone who teaches you how to breathe zen
  3. War journalist
  4. Personal assistant to a CEO
  5. Entrepreneur
  6. Forensic psychologist
  7. Manicurist
  8. Uber driver
    Or drive a limousine around NYC
  9. Kindergarten teacher
    Like Lily in How I Met Your Mother
  10. Bus driver
    Long time aspiration. Honestly I won't mind this when I'm retired (but still awesome and cognitively fit)
  11. Fashion designer
    Or go to those art schools and get a degree and start my own fashion line. Also a long time aspiration and I'd like to believe I chose this life path in an alternate universe.
  12. Freelance makeup artist
  13. Interior designer
  14. Counselor
    For the current kids at my alma mater